Ruby vs Ruubez

by Ruby Price



This is my take on the Roast Yourself challenge that has been going around on YouTube recently. I do use hyperbole in some parts so don't worry, I haven't got THAT big an ego :3
Anyway, I like to think I can rap better than I sing so have a listen and maybe check out the video that goes with it?


released June 15, 2016




Ruby Price Huddersfield, UK

I'm a 21 year old who makes trans-related videos, comedy sketches and musical things!

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Track Name: Ruby vs Ruubez [explicit]
So I saw Emma and Luke do this roast yourself thing,
Figured I’d give it a go, see what else I can bring.
It might get me some views, we’ll wait and see,
And now may I present another version of me.

You can’t sing, you can’t rap, where’re you going with this?
Jump on the bandwagon, now you’re really taking the piss.
Your most viewed vid required you to spend some money,
Just face it, your videos aren’t that funny.

Woah, woah, woah, girl I’m trying my best,
Do something different, not just follow the rest.
45,000 views is really not that bad,
And 260 subscribers, for which I’m glad.

260, are you really having a laugh?
It’s not like any of them would want your autograph.
You act like you’re big, like you’re on a perch,
I mean seriously, you’ve got your own fucking merch.

Yeah but people wear it, it’s no big deal,
And it gives me exposure, y’know it’s kind of ideal.
And you can talk, you make money from your songs,
You can’t tell me that you’ve done no wrongs.

Yeah, I admit it I’ve made mistakes,
But part of the blame for it, you can take.
You’re wasting your time here, on YouTube all night,
So do yourself a favour and get off this site.